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ELH Detailing Bridgman Michigan Paint Correction Mercedes

All About ELH Detailing

Since our founding in 2013, ELH Detailing has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.


Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about the services we provide.

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Eddie Hojara

Shop Owner

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Dustin Anders

Shop Manager

Eddie Hojara, the sole owner of ELH Detailing has been working in the industry for about 10 years, starting with his Father. Since, Eddie has taken over ELH Detailing and has added new high quality services such as in depth paint correction, ceramic coatings, and premium detailing services. Trained and certified through multiple organizations and trainings such as the IDA, Gtechniq Acceredited Training, Chicago Auto Pros Detailing Clinics, and window tint certifications. Eddie mainly enjoys bringing high quality services to the Southwest of Michigan and looks to continue and grow the high quality services menu! 

Dustin has been with ELH Detailing for almost a full year now and has exceeded all expectations. Dustin is a very hard worker, determined to get the job done correctly. He has continued to improve his skills daily, giving the best quality of work to our customers. Dustin keeps everything in order, and manages all shop duties.

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