ELH Detailing SOuthwest Michigan Crystal Serum Ceramic Coatings

Here at ELH Detailing we take pride in the services we provide as well as the products we use to achieve those goals. We have selected Gtechniq coatings as our go-to ceramic coatings to bring our customers the highest quality ceramic coating service on the market. Depending on your needs and wants, we have plenty of options to chose from to help protect your vehicle for years to come, not months. Being part of the accredited detail network for Gtechniq Crystal Serum Coatings, we are able to provide 5-9 year guarantees on all our coating services. 

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Gtechniq Exo Ceramic Coating


2 Years 

Exo provides industry leading hydrophobic and durable top layer for all other base coatings.

Exo offers insane hydrophobic properties to retain that enhanced gloss along with resisting all washing chemicals to leave a deep, rich shine for up to 2 years

*Depending on circumstance, EXO is only an optional add-on to Crystal Serum Lite & Ultra 

Starting at: 


Exo is only applied as a topper to CSL or CSU


Crystal Serum Lite Ceramic Coating

Crystal Serum Lite

3+ Years 

Crystal Serum Lite is our entry level coating package that offers 80% of Ultra's properties & performance.

Once applied, Lite offers insane wet glossy finish, super slick feel, and very durable 9H base layer of protection. 

Waxing becomes a thing of the past as Lite will out last any other protection system such as waxes, polymer sealants, and ceramic spray sealants

*Prices shown are starting with Paint only without Paint Correction on a sedan

Starting at: (Paint Only)


Starting at: (Exterior Package)



Crystal Serum Ultra

7+ Years

Crystal Serum Ultra is our top of the line ceramic coatings that offer matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance. 

Extensive real world and lab tests, prove that its thicker, glossier, and harder structure offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection.

Ultra's ley to success is the introduction of a revolutionary (7H) base coat and (10h) top coat to actively reduce wash swirls, retaining that new car look for years to come. 

*Prices shown are starting with Paint only without Paint Correction on a sedan

Starting at: (Paint Only)


Starting at: (Exterior Package)


Gtechniq offers much more than just stand alone paint ceramic coatings as we also carry coatings for all other exterior & interior surfaces such as High Temperature Wheel Coatings, Durable Glass Treatment, Plastic Trim Permanent Coatings, Interior Fabric Waterproof treatment, and stain resisting leather protection. Add on our Exterior Coating package to ensure your vehicle's surfaces are completely protected for the long haul

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