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08 Vette Detailing-Polishing  (2 of 17).jpg

Exterior Detailing

Keep Your Vehicle Ready For Any Season


Basic Wash Program


Hand Washes are only allowed to customers who have received a Signature Exterior Detail or better within last 3-4 months of service.  Starting at $75

  • Multi-step Hand Wash

  • Wheel Wells, Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Interior Windows Cleaned

  • Spray Sealant Applied

Paint Correction - Mini Cooper (3 of 7).jpg
Paint Correction - Mini Cooper (3 of 7).jpg

Signature Exterior Detail 

Our Signature Exterior Detail restores the glossy look of the vehicle and provides added protection to all surfaces. Our Signature Exterior Detail starts with a decontamination process of a 2-Bucket method wash followed with a claybar session releasing the paint of bonded contaminants such as tar, breaks dust, iron particles and sap. After decontaminating the paint, a one step polished to performed on the painted surfaces to provide gloss and minimizing defects such as scratches, swirls, or oxidation. Once finished, we apply a spray sealant for protection and streak free finish. 
Pricing Starts at: (Price varies on condition & size)

Sedan: $225

Suv: $250

Large SUV: $275


Exterior Enhancement

Our Exterior Correction Detail greatly enhances the overall finish on the vehicles paintwork by removing up to 85% of defects such as swirls, scratches, or other defects that diminish the look of your vehicle and provides that much needed gloss enhancement to make your vehicles paint work pleasing to look at. 

This process begins with a decontamination stage that removes bonded contaminants from the paintwork and wheels such as tar, break dust, iron particles, and sap with a claybar treatment. After thoroughly drying the vehicle, we begin correction on each panel to remove defects to enhance gloss and clarity of paint by using a two step process of compounding and polishing. The first step is compounding which removes the huge majority of defects an scratches, followed by a fine polish to finish off the correction stage. We protect the vehicle's surfaces with Gtechniq's C2 spray sealant. 

Prices Starting at: 

Sedans: $500

SUV's: $600

Large SUV's $650

78 Dodge Detail (18 of 58).jpg
78 Dodge Detail (18 of 58).jpg

Classic Car Detailing

Trust ELH with your classic beauty for any detail such as an in-depth cleaning for any upcoming car shows or a more hands on project, looking to bring back all the glory of the good old days. 


Throughout the years, ELH has worked on numerous class vehicles and treat them as our own! Give us a call or stop in the shop to review services that might be best for you classic ride!  

Click the link below to register for our 2nd Annual Car Show on June 11, 2022!!

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