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Dr.Beasley's Nano Resin Coatings

Below are a list of optional ceramic coating packages that we offer. All packages can be modified or changed to your and your vehicle's needs. All prices and packaging do not include paint correction pricing, this is determined on the condition of the paint. (Additional Options can be added to any package)

When it comes to the best products to protect your vehicle, waxes and sealants are a thing of the past. Ceramic Coatings are the latest products to hit the care car industry that helps protect your investment the way they should. When a coating is properly applied to the vehicle, it creates a much thicker and more durable layer of protection that is hard to match by any wax or paint sealant on the market. When applied correctly your vehicle will actively shed and protect against:

- Bug Etchings

- Water Spots

- Bird Droppings

- Tar and road debris

- Dirt, water, mud

- Gas Staining

- Micro Marring

and much more

Entry Level Coating Package 

Formula 1201 delivers in both excellent protection and shine and is our entry level product in our ceramic services. Formula 1201 is great for all cars, even for daily drivers throughout any season of the year. Resisting etching and water spots, this durable coating makes it a breeze to clean your vehicle! 

Starting in Package:

- Painted/Body (All Jambs)

- Rims/Tires (Faces)

- Windows and Trim 

1+ Years 

* Starting Package Price: $350


Intermediate Level Coating Package

Nano Resin continues to stand the ranks with all the other coatings in the industry leading the way in excellent car protection for multiple years. A very user- friendly coating but still a thick durable layer is our next step up in ceramic protection. Resisting swirling, heavily reducing road grime as liquids and dirt will have a hard time remaining on the surface, and leaving that candy like gloss for years. Coating thickness 2μm 

Starting in package:

- Paint & Body (AllJambs)

- Rims/Tires 

- Trim/Chrome

-Treated Windows

3 Year Durability

*Starting Package Price: $600


Enthusiast Level Coating Package

Nano Resin Mx raises the bar to a new level when it comes to insane protection for your vehicle. This professional nano ceramic coating uses the same technology left behind from Nano Resin Pro, giving the paint insane durability, self-cleaning properties, increased micro-marring resistance, and a rich glossy look. Coating thickness between 3-4μm 

Starting in Package: 

- Paint/Body (All Jambs)

-Wheels off Coating Service


-Treated Windows

5 Year Durability 

*Starting Package Price: $1000


Pro Level Coating Package

Nano Resin Pro is the ultimate coating package in our ceramic lineup offering matchless durability and chemical resistance, naturally self- healing of minor swirling or scratches, super hydrophobic proprieties leaving your vehicle much cleaner and preventing oxidation and fading from UV rays. Like all our other Dr.Beasley's coating this also comes with a warranty lasting up to 9 years, but the product can last up to many many more years with proper maintenance and proper vehicle conditions. Coating thickness between 4-6μm with one layer.

Starting in Package:

-Paint/Body (Including all jambs)

-Wheels Off Service (Barrels and Faces)

-Upgraded Window Treatment


-Engine Bay

9+ Year Durability


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