Paint Correction

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Has your vehicle seen one too many automatic car washes? Tired of seeing swirls marks and spider webs running across your entire car and ruining the finish? The most common defect a clear coat will see is swirling, and can be reduced and removed with polishing steps. Depending on the service you are looking for we can perform a enhancement to heavily reduce those spider webs, or get you vehicle looking better than new! Just out our options below!

Paint Enhancment

Reducing 75-85% of defects

This service will receive a two step approach where a more abrrasive compound is used to remove more swirls and heavier defects. A polishing stage is followed to remove any light marring or hazing.

Full Correction

Multiple Steps to reduce up 99% if possible!

Some paint and clear coat is so hard and stubborn it may require multiple stages of correction to get it to look near perfect! This stage can include techniques like wool pads,and wet sanding if necessary. Every inch and corner is accessible through our range of tools to choose from!

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ELH Detailing Southwest Michigan Paint Correction Services

ELH Detailing Southwest Michigan Paint Correction Services