Interior Detailing

Fresh & Clean with Dr.Beasley's

Basic Interior Detail

Looking to get your vehicles interior looking fresh and clean again? Our Basic Interior detail is a great option for any customer interested who are just looking to get their interior looking like brand new. This service includes a deep cleaning of the whole interior including shampooing & extracting all carpets and seats, proper leather and plastic cleanse followed up with a conditioner. All small cracks and compartments will be thoroughly cleaned along with light, delicate work to the headliner if needed, and streak-less windows. The conditioner we use is Dr.Beasley's Leather Cream, leaving your interior protected and looking great! Your vehicle is guaranteed to look fantastic and smelling awesome when it leaves our shop. 
Prices Starting At:
Cars: $169  Midsize: $189  Large: $209

Carpet Protection Options Avaiable!! 

Premium Interior Detail

The Premium Interior detail is a service for customers that want a little extra from our basic detail, and we do that by added protection! The proper cleaning will be done just as our basic interior detail, followed up with a couple products from Dr.Beasley's! Once we are done with the interior cleaning we will apply Dr.Beasley's Leather Lock to leave your interior with the right protection to protect from fading, cracking, ink transfers, stains and grime, and spills! This services is topped off with Leather Creame along with their great smelling air fresheners! 
Prices Starting At:
Cars: $219  Midsize: $239  Large: $259

Carpet Protection Available!!

Mold Removal

When dealing with mold inside vehicles carpets and fabrics, it is necessarily to go beyond just a basic detail to thoroughly remove all the mold. ELH is prepared to go the extra lengths to do just that. Depending on the condition, this service may take several days to complete. Most carpets and seats will be removed to ensure a successful detail. 
(In-Person Quotes Needed)

Odor/Spill Removal

Accidents happen! We understand that and want to help our customers the best possible way. How do we do that? When spills occur, the best thing to do is clean and treat the area right away if possible. When our customers give us a call for emergency spills, we do our absolute best to help them right away! If this ever happens to you, give ELH a right away and we will take care of you! Once the spill is properly treated, we will do you another service by adding 1 of 3 different spray scents from Dr.Beasley's that will leave your car smelling better than ever. 
(In-Person Quote Needed) 

Fabric Protection

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