Exterior Services

Restoring That Factory Shine

Exterior Prep

Get your vehicle ready for any of the upcoming seasons with an Exterior Prep, whether its making it stand out in the warmer months or ensuring the right protection for the cold winter months. Includes a 2-bucket wash, Total Decontamination with decons and clay bricking, and properly protected with a Paint Sealant that gives 6 months of durable protection. (This service does not remove any deep scratches or swirls)
Prices Starting At:
Cars: $149   Midsize: $169  Large: $189

Ceramic Coating Options Available!!

Exterior Correction

Renew your vehicles factory shine by removing 85% of swirl marks and scratches and getting rid of any unwanted oxidation. Includes a 2-bucket wash, complete decontamination with decons and clay bricking, followed up by a 2- step correction process. First step will include a complete compounding of pained surfaces to remove any deeper scratches or defects. Second step will include a complete polishing to further remove scratches and swirls to give your paint that rich and shiny look again! Proper protection will be applied to the vehicle with a paint sealant for 6 months of protection, Upgraded sealants, and ceramic coatings also available!

Prices Starting At:
Cars: $399  Midsize: $475 Large: $550

Ceramic Coating Options Available!!

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