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Full Maintenance Detail

A Full Maintenance Detail is a package we offer that includes a process called "wash, clay, and seal" and a basic interior detail that is guaranteed to leave our shop looking and smelling brand new. Starting with the exterior this service includes a car wash, decontamination period that strips any unwanted grime or bonded materials from surface of the vehicle with a clay brick and iron remover. Common contaminants include tar, brake dust, iron fallout, and bugs. Vehicle will receive a one step polish remove any clay bar defects and light marring. Vehicle will properly be sealed up with a paint sealant that will last the customer 6-8 months of protection. The interior detail part of this package includes a in-depth deep cleaning off the interior includes steaming or extracting fabrics, refurbishing leather and conditioning, cleaning off all cracks and compartments throughout vehicle. A small amount of delicate work will be done to the headliner if necessary, and finished up with a refreshing scent! 
Prices Starting At:

Cars: $325  Midsize: $350  Mini Van: $375

Full Correction Detail

The Full Correction Detail is a package that we offer that is great for vehicles that have been abused and have accumulated a fair amount for micro-marring, swirl marks, rub marks, and deep scratches. Overtime the clear coat on the vehicle's paint can become marred up due to improper washing, contact car washes, sitting water, road contaminants that have become embedded, and many other ways. This service will go one step further than the maintenance detail by adding a 2-step correction process that will eliminate 80-85% at the minimum of swirl marks and scratches. All that is included in this service begin with the exterior that has a car wash, decontamination period of any road contaminants such as tar, bugs, brake dust, and iron fallout with a clay brick and iron decons. A 2-step compounding and polishing process will remove swirl marks and scratches, then sealed up with a paint sealant that protects for 6-8 Months.
Prices Starting At:

Motorcycle Detail

Tired of busting your knuckles trying to get every hard to reach spot on your bike? Let us do all the hard work for you and get the right protection. We use all Dr.Beasley's products when it comes to protection everything on a bike including chrome, paint & body, plastic windshields, leather & plastic, and any else! We go the extra mile of removing all removable items including saddle bags to better reach spots that need to be machine polished! 

Prices starting at: $159

Boat Detailing

Boat are notorious for building up un-wanted lake/river grime and hard water spots that can just ruin the finish of a boat. We offer exterior services and interiors services and including ceramic coatings for all boats. (Price depending on Size)

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