Ceramic Coatings

When it comes to the best products to protect your vehicle, waxes and sealants are a thing of the past. Ceramic Coatings are the latest products to hit the care car industry that helps protect your investment the way they should. When a coating is properly applied to the vehicle, it creates a much thicker and more durable layer of protection that is hard to match. By having this layer of protection your vehicles paint will remain protected from dirt, road contaminants, and even light damage. A coating is going sufficiently cut down the time it takes to regular maintain the vehicle and will keep it looking like the day it left the detail shop! Don't let your investment go to waste and get the right protection for your vehicle! We use ceramic coatings from two different companies including Gtechniq and Dr.Beasleys, and by doing this we believe we have created the perfect coating package for anybody interested!


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